Roger Water brings The Wall in Europe!

Ticket details announced.

Former Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters has unveiled plans to bring ‚The Wall’ to Europe later this year.
Released in 1979, ‚The Wall’ holds a special place in rock mythology. A concept album at the height of punk, it’s lengthy musings on the nature of fame and its effects on the soul turned it into a hugely popular release.
One of the most widely hailed albums Pink Floyd ever released, it was accompanied by a famously lavish tour.
Former frontman Roger Waters is set to bring the wall to North America later this year, with the singer now confirming details of a twenty eight date European tour in 2011. The ambitious jaunt will apparently bring the album up to date, with the shows being „a lot more political” than the original tour.
Speaking to the BBC, Roger Waters explained that he couldn’t resist the lure of the road. „I decided to dip my toe back into the world of the touring rock ‚n’ roll person back at the turn of the century. Two years ago and the year before that I did a tour with the whole of The Dark Side of the Moon.”
„So last year I was thinking, well, what am I going to do? Shall I just play golf or garden or go into politics, or have I got one more of these in me? I’m 66 years old now. So I thought, I think I have got one more. And I love to work.”
Continuing, Roger Waters hinted that the tour could be his last of this magnitude. „I shall certainly go on working but whether I’ll do any more big tours I don’t know. My fiancee said to me, if you’re going to go out and do it again, do The Wall. That’s what people will want to hear.”
Tickets for the shows go on sale on July 4th.
Roger Waters will play the following UK shows:
May (2011)
11 London O2 Arena
12 London O2 Arena
17 London O2 Arena
20 Manchester Evening News Arena
21 Manchester Evening News Arena.



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